Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Giraffe plushie contest (WON!)

The contest has been won by Ozma00.
But, she says give it to the second place winner.
Which is Octopus737!
Thanks to all who took part in the contest, I appreciate it.
And, who knows? I may have more contests in the future!
Also, many of you answered that OverFlow was the first to have double gems.
The picture is just an illustration.

I have an extra purple giraffe plushie, so I am giving it away in a contest! 
To win the plushie, find the answers to these questions and comment them below.
Don't worry, I will not post your answers until the contest is over. 
If you are nonmember, I will trade the giraffe to you.

1. What is the name of this item?

2. What is Mt. Shiveer's spirit stone?

3. Jamaa's first four pets were...?

4. Which game was the first to have double gems?

5. What are the names of my two dogs? 
(My personal names for them, not names like Yellowband or Greenfroggy.)

Good luck with the questions! 
Comment your Animal Jam username with your answers please.


  1. 1st. the name is Cami frog.
    2nd. Its Harper.
    3rd. It was duck, dog, cat and frog
    4th. It was Temple of trivia
    5th. i dont really know D:

  2. 1. frog plushie with a reese cup pocket sewed on his front
    2. Spirit of the Reese Cup Shaman
    3. Reese cup, miniture Reese Cups, Reese Cup Dark chocolate, Reese cup white chocolate
    4. The Great Reese Cup Race
    5. Reese, Peanut Butter and Cup

  3. 1) Cami's Frog
    2) Seals
    3) Cat, dog, frog, & duck
    4) Temple of Trivia (I think...)
    5) Hank & Drover
    ~Ozma00 The Amazing

  4. 1. Cammy's Frog
    2. dogs, cats, frogs, and ducks
    3. Overflow?
    4. Drover and Hank
    My username is ilovemypets8. Good luck to everyone!

  5. 1. Cami's Frog
    2. Seal
    3. Dogs, cats, ducks, and frogs
    4. Er, Overflow? :l
    5. Hank and Drover

  6. 1. Cami's frog
    2. Seal
    3. Dog, cat, duck, frog
    4. Double up or overflow or temple o' trivia
    5. Hank and Drover

  7. 1.Cami Frog
    My username is gianni14

  8. Ok, I think I can do this. :)

    1. Cami's Frog Plushie

    2. Seal

    3. Dog, Cat, Duck, Frog

    4. Temple of Trivia

    5. Hank and Drover

    :) Good luck to otehr people entering!

  9. Hi, I really like the idea of giraffe plushies, so i really want to collect them, this 1 would be perfect for it. Im a new player to animal jam, i find it fun, so i will continue to play.
    Altough im not so good at these contest, here i go!!!

    1st question : Cami's Frog

    2nt question : :( i really dont know.... im sorry

    3rd question :"" dittio :(

    4th question : im quessing.. Overflow??

    5th question : Rover and Snowy :) LOL

    yes, i dont know anything really about animal jam, just wanted to try it out tho.........

    I wont win, but you'll have a laugh from reading this.
    THANK YOU! :)

    Username: Buttercup1220
    P.S. I sent a buddy request! :)

  10. well i know that one of ur dogs is drover, and super sort was the first game to have 2x gems? idk lol

  11. oh sorry i didn't answer them all! ok
    1.cami frog
    2.the seal
    3.dogs, cats, frogs, and hamsters
    4.river race
    5.drover, and umm... banana?

  12. AJ user: Piplup131415
    1) Cami's Frog
    2) The seal
    3) Dogs, cats, ducks, and frogs
    4) Overflow
    5) Hank and Drover

  13. Ummmmm camis frog.... Idk..........dog cat hamster frog? Idk....... Hank and drover... Ill get the other questions sooner

  14. wow! no one seems to have gotten any of it right except me!!

  15. user-heartdog7661
    1 camis frog
    2 the seal
    3 dogs cats ducks and frogs
    4 temple triva game
    5 drover and hank

  16. Ozma00 doesn't want the plushie, so please give it to whoever came in second. ^.^ Seriously. Ozma doesn't want it. Pie.

  17. P.S. That comment really was Ozma.

  18. Hank is the one with the mask and drover is the one with the snowman head.

  19. I demand a recount! I clearly won that plushie!! (jk!!)

    Congrats Ozma and Octupus!

  20. 1. camis frog
    3.dog, cat, frog, duck
    4.overflow or temple of triva
    5. drover and hank (i love you drover)


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