Thursday, May 24, 2012

Bunnies Only Party

Hello this is your party guide, Blueberry Bunny. Me and my associate, Scar will be guiding you through the Bunnies Only Party. 
Now lets start with some info, the Bunnies Only Party is the second party to not be based on a den, it is underground, and is the third party to be for one kind of animal.

We'll start the guide with the entrance, when you first get in you'll come out here.
Right above you are some steps that will lead to the music shop! 
Where you can buy the pawsome bunny drum music, it's on sale!
Hoppin' Around
All over the bunny party are special drums, this is the secret meeting place of all bunnies!
It is where they celebrate things, like onions! Mmmm onions :D
There is also a cozy quaint store where you can buy bunny items.
Here is what is for sale right now, more items will probably be released in the future.
The woodcarving bunnies are hard at work!
Next to the store is a place where you can buy bunny pets.
And last but not least is...the slide! What party is complete without one?
And now, here are some for fun pictures!

Sucking the jelly out.

The rise of the ninja bunnies.

Farewell, so long! Thank you very much :)
Thank you for reading the guide, the exit is this way, thank you very much for coming :D

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  1. That was fun! XD BAGGYWRINKLES!


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