Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Giraffe Topiary and glitches

AHA! My prediction came true and a Giraffe Topiary can now be bought 
in the Museum Den Shop.

And here's the glitches I promised.
This is the rare beard from the Leap Party.
But when you sit, the beard becomes, well you see!
And in petsar2's den (I found this on Epic Dens) there is a void glitch.
But it's not like a normal void glitch...check it out!
Enjoy the glitches and have fun :)


  1. I really like the topairy, though no one really buys it anymore. I hope they come out with A GIANT girafee plushie SOON!!! P.S.-I love you Tiggie! -squeezes Tiggie and gives out noodles-
    ~katgoo449 (more commenly known as my storage account KittyinBowTie)

  2. Hey TT, I thought I'd tell you, Spino11 let me re-do Journey To Gongmen. So that is now one of my story blogs. Since you liked Journey To Gongmen when Spino wrote it, I thought I'd tell you. :P



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