Saturday, May 26, 2012

Somewhat complete plushie guide: Giraffes

Hello plushie collectors, this is the complete guide to Giraffe Plushies.
I hope this helps you out in your plushie collecting!

Blue giraffe plushie with sock.

Brown/badge giraffe plushie

Purple giraffe plushie.

Red giraffe plushie with mushroom hat.
Orange giraffe plushie with purple spots.
White giraffe plushie.
Pink giraffe plushie.
Black giraffe plushie.
Green giraffe plushie.


  1. I used Photobucket! But I can't do it anymore since they updated their blog!! D:

  2. There is a dragon garaffe plushie too

  3. And a Mario one too. They are very cute, although I never owned one yet... :T


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