Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Bunny Rug and Phantom Invasion toys

In the Bunnies Only Party you can get a Bunny Rug.

And now for some phantomy stuff...
...here are all the phantom toys you can collect.

And here is my entire collection, prepare to be amazed...
*Curtains part*
Hehe, they're all holding hands :D


  1. hello trickertree awesome collection i wonder if you could trade me one of each of the phantoms they are very hard to win.anyways awesome blog send me a jamagram if you want to trade them and if you want to add me as a buddy im trying to collect those phantoms too!
    if you want to add me my name is migs61903

  2. well hi i was wondering if you could send me one jail break phantom and if you add me i am 1dawg


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