Thursday, May 24, 2012

Journey Book Guide: Coral Canyons

Coral Canyons:
Complete guide.
Here are the animal locations, from top to bottom: Coyote, Cardinal, Peregrine Falcon, Dandelion, Saguaro Cactus, Honeybees, Woodchuck, Tarantula, Gila Monster, Scorpion, Rattlesnake.

I'm starting off the Coral Canyons guide with...can you guess? The coyote! My favorite animal.
The Coyote walks around on the blue cliff in the top left corner, 
I got a picture of his epic howling.

The Cardinal flies to the tree branch in the top left corner.

The Peregrine Falcon flies around in the top right corner.

The Dandelion can be found on the ledge somewhat above Epic Wonders.

The Saguaro Cactus can be found next to the sign to Canyons Pathway.

The Honeybees can be found close to Best Dressed.

The Woodchuck can be found to the left of the entrance to Sarepia Forest.

The Tarantula can be found close to the road that goes up the right side of Coral Canyons.

The Gila Monster can be found on the rocks below the Art Studio.

The Scorpion can be found on the rocks above Long Shot.

The Rattlesnake can be found to the left side of the waterfall.

Your gift is... a poky Cactus Chair! Have a seat.


  1. That chair hurts! IT HURTS I TELL YOU!!!
    XD Great guide.
    -ScarTheLion AKA Grimble and Ezylryb XD

  2. Owie!! I don't know if I want a cactus chair! Although I could make Kit Kat sit in it.......hmmmmmm.....oh the possibilities!!

  3. Lets call that the torture chair, shall we?

  4. if only there was a desert den in animal jam. the cactus chair would match perfectly!!!! LOL =)

  5. Crocs are good with cactus. They have scaly scale amourish.... Meh whatever they are called. ..."..........right?


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