Sunday, October 2, 2011

Trapping the phantom thieves

Today I'm going to recover my squishy phantoms! I'm putting a king phantom out as bait.

 Me and octopus737  hid in the bushes.

Yes it worked! They took the bait, foolish criminals! You know even the cleverest thieves always forget something.

We got the red eyed bunny first.

And cornered the others, so they couldn't escape!

Tell us where the phantoms are I yelled! They are in the Phantom forest they said.

The phantom forest! That's the creepiest...darkest....spookiest part of Jama, Plus it's DOTP (Day of the phantoms)

So I tied them up. You stay right here! I'm going into the phantom forest I said. And if you get out I'll eat my hat!

Wait a second how did I get a hat? Oh well.

Well I'm off to the phantom forest to find my squishy phantoms.


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  2. Trickertreee you are so incredible and wonderful!!!! I love playing with you!!!!!


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