Saturday, October 1, 2011

Phantom theft

I was sleeping in my bed.

When I heard a odd noise...

I heard voices downstairs. :O

So I went down stairs and saw the proceedings.

Gasp! They were trying to steal my phantoms! Those phantoms aren't easy to get you know!

So I marched in, with the thought of stopping this thievery.

But then the bunny with red eyes stared at me. And all at once I felt...yawn...

Then everything went black!

The next day I woke up.

And my phantoms were gone! How could I have let this happen to my squishy phantoms!

Well I don't take phantom theft lightly I'm going to do something about it!


  1. I love the story can i maybe be in one of your stories!? Pixiegirl86155

  2. When I first looked at the last picture, it looked like werewolf signs instead of yawning. Seriously. Yeah. I know.

    Sleeping Canyonrose, aka papad91278


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