Sunday, October 30, 2011

The sea battle of Kani cove

Have any of you seen this?

Well I was checking old parchments in the chamber of knowledge. And found this story!

The battle of Kani cove

Once upon a time a bunch of phantoms captured three Ships, The Jamaina, Jamaana, and the Jama Maraina.

But then brave animals, Clever friend, Magic jammer, Quiet gem, and Doctor moon. Got their own ship to defeat the phantoms.

First they slayed the wicked Medusa! Whoever that looked upon the face of Medusa would turn to plastic!

They all wore sunglasses so they wouldn't be turned to plastic, and tied Medusa's head (Yuck!) to the bow of the ship.

They yelled to the captured jammers on the ships to wear sunglasses! And then they turned the phantoms to plastic!

The phantoms couldn't control the ships, them being turned to plastic. And the ships crashed into reefs and Sank to the bottom of Kani cove. All the jammers were rescued, and All was well! And no one knows what happened to that Medusa head...


  1. Coolio! I had to hightlight it to read it though :\

  2. Neat! But how do you look through the parchments...? ?^?


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