Friday, October 14, 2011

Quizzy questions!

Have fun answering these fun wacky questions!

1. If you were president what would you do?

2. If you could ask the moon a question what would you ask it?

3. Name 5 multicolored objects.

4. What is your favorite kind of weather?

5. What 5 things do you know you will do today?

6. Do you spend more time awake or asleep?

7. Name 5 things you could do for fun if the power goes out in your home.

8. If you had a remote control that could do any 3 things, what would it do?

9. Does anything in nature have wheels?

10. How many times a day is it 12:00?


  1. Here I go:
    1. Paint the White House purple.
    2. Are you made of cheese?
    3. This blog, coral, rainbows, M&M sweets and parrots.
    4. Snow.
    5. Breathe, eat, drink, learn and go to the bathroom.
    6. Awake.
    7. Make a cardboard TV, scare your family by jumping out at them, have an argument on the phone with your electrical company, play laser tag with flashlights and eat everything in the refrigerator before it goes out of date.
    8. Time travel, transportation and the ability to transform into anything.
    9. A wooden car.
    10. Twice. 12AM and 12PM.

  2. 1.stop animal abuse
    2.y r u so round
    3.parrots,toucans,rainbows,your pattern,an awesome hat
    4.sunny and warm
    5.sleep,play aj,eat steak,have fun,be amazing
    7.use a flash light,read,draw,sleep,daydream
    8.make an autimatic animal sheter,give me money,make me fly
    9.i dont think so


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