Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Does Fuzzy Shy Ivy AKA vivacandy still have imposters?

Today I was in Jama township and saw this.

It could just be chance but it seems rather strange to me...


  1. Ya she does cuz this one girl said, "I am Fuzzy Shyivy!" And her user is VivaCandy98!! Ugh!! I quized her and she wouldn't reply to ANYTHING. There.

    Do not fall for these imposters, guys!!

  2. aww poor flopear! (her username is really flopear)


  3. ya! i saw a ton of people and they started a vivacandy/fuzzyshyivy fan club UGGGGGGH

  4. i saw another of this imposter but the user is differt it look like her and then i click on him or her and differt user!


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