Tuesday, October 4, 2011

New contest!

Sorry that the last contest was a failure. So I have made a new find it contest!

Comment below, and tell me where each of these ten pictures are in jama.

UPDATE: octopus737 has won the contest!

The first person to comment with the right answer will win a rare prize!

Dramatic music plays!


  1. 1.Chamber of Knowledge floor 3
    2. Coral Canyons near Sky High
    3. Bahari Bay near the tunnel to Crystal Reef
    4. Flag shop lower floor
    5. Crystal Sands near the juice hut
    6.Temple of Zios above the bat shop
    7. Chamber of Knowledge floor 2
    8. Serepia Forest near Wind Rider
    9. Canyons pathway
    10. Serepia Theaters Movie theater

  2. Chamber of knowledge
    Coral canyons
    Bahari bay
    Flag shop
    Zios temple
    Chamber of knowledge
    Wind rider
    Canyons pathway
    Movie theater


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