Thursday, October 27, 2011

Sea turtles!

This is the newest animal! Sea turtles!

My sea turtle!

My sea turtle posing!

My sea turtle dancing!

My sea turtle diving!

My sea turtle Swirling!

My sea turtle playing!

Fast facts :

1. In real life turtles can't take off their shells! They are fused to the turtles back.

 2. Most people wonder what the difference is between a Turtle, Tortoise, or a Terrapin. A Turtle spends most of it's time in water, a Tortoise spends most of it's time on land, and a Terrapin is in between!

3. The largest Tortoise in the world lives on the tropical Galapagos Islands and can grow to be more than 4 feet long!

You found the secret link!

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