Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Find it contest!

The person who comments with the locations of these pictures first, will win a prize from Contest prizes

These pictures are sorta hard. The only hint I will give is...two of the pictures were taken in the same place.

Note: Something is wrong with comments, so if you win comment below with what you want. Instead of on contest prizes.


  1. I am too lazy to do this contest XD!

  2. i cant find all of them but these are the ones that i found...

    4.pillow room
    7.crystal sands
    8.bahari bay
    5.chamber of knowledge
    6.flag shop

    i only got 5...

  3. I know only #1 and #7.

  4. I know the ones gingerpawz got and 1 and 9 are canyons pathway


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