Thursday, February 2, 2012

Valentines update

Valentines day is here! And with it comes Valentine decorations.

The biggest update in this update is Sol's arcade!...

You'll find it where the pillow room used to be in Jamaa Township.
There you can buy game machines!

There's also a new game there! It's somewhat like the claw and it's called Phantom invasion.

But instead of ten gems it costs five gems.

To play you need to fire the color that is flashing on the Phantom's ship. But it changes all the time so you got to be fast!

If you win then you'll get a special animal toy!

These animal toys can be recycled for 45 gems.

Oh and the pillow room has replaced the Medical center.

In Jam mart clothing there are heart capes!

In Jam mart furniture there is a Rose Bouquet with little fireflies flying around it.

In Bahari Bargains you can get a Heart Necklace.

In the music shop you can buy Crystal Reef music!

There's also a new contest going on! It's for designing the next Jam-A-Gram!

Cool contest! Imagine how fun it would be to send your own Jam-A-Gram.

Animal jam has also announced that items will be coming out all the time! Instead of just on updates.
Also on every Monday a special rare item will be released in a store for one day.

I'll be posting all these new cards and the new newspaper in the archive as soon as I can.

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