Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Leap year parties!

Leap year parties are amazing, here is a guide to them.

When you first get in you'll see lots of frogs and mushrooms.

If you click on the green floating 29 you'll get these facts.

To the right there are these chairs.

Around the tree is a HUGE frog, wow, imagine having that as a pet.

Now that we're getting to the items, note that all the items have the word "rare" in them.

So, on the first floor there is the furniture store, and a few more frogs.

These are the furniture items, they all have the word "rare" in them.
They are called...
Rare Wood Fence
Rare Table With Orb 
Rare Stone Chair
Rare Skinny Lamp
Rare Floor Lamp
Rare Magic Mirror

On the second floor there is a clothing store!
First page:

Second page:

All these items have the word "rare" in them, and none of them are color changeable.

On the second and third floor are some special claws!

There are lion plushies!

And last, but not least, there is a HUGE slide spanning three floors!

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  1. Wow the slide must be super fun! :D -rainbowdangerdoo


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