Thursday, February 23, 2012

Sand Dollar Stepping Stones

There's a new item in Sunken Treasures, (Kani Cove.)
It's Sand Dollar Stepping Stones, Sand Dollars are also called Sea Cookies.

Here is a drawing of a new character, Tito!

Tito, (as you might have suspected) is also from Oliver and Company, he's comical since he's so small but so angry, (think bull fighter.)

New item page in the Archive


  1. Hey trickertreee, would you like to meet on aj sometime??? Please reply to me through comment. And my aj user is superjake02.
    ~ an unknown jammer to aj: superjake02

  2. Tito so reminds me of Tito the dancing worm from jimmy neutron. They have a pet show and Sheen brings in a worm and shakes it to make it look like its dancing.


  3. My brother has stepping stones! but hes a non member and traded them from someone then he traded it again for a colorful thing and stuff hes my real brother btw! his uset is:caasi0303 he started this game about... i think 3 weeks ago? nevermind... -raibowdangerdoo

  4. And tito looks scary *hides behind couch* -rainbowdangerdoo


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