Saturday, February 25, 2012

Lion fish Helmets

There are new Lion Fish Helmets in Bahari Bargains, it goes with Lion Fish Armor.

And now...I present to you...*Drum roll* the new daily drawing!

You can click the picture to enlarge it. 
(And, does that sign say No Parking or No Barking?)


  1. And now... Starting today... Is.... ME NEWS! Sorry if it feels like I am conscious about myself and am conceited, I just thought you would want to know. Anyway...

    Today, I went to my cousin's house and apparently, uncle Greg (not their dad) got tickets for a special screening of the NEW LORAX MOVIE! Apparently he got them off winning a radio show! The movies really funny. Anyway, I watched some ponypals4ever YouTube aj music videos, (you should see them) and watched chipettes versions of songs.

    Ciao for now,
    Sleeping Canyonrose aka papad91278

  2. Bark bark bark!!!!!!!!!!! :D -rainbowdangerdoo


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