Thursday, February 16, 2012


Penguins have arrived in Jamaa, they can go on land and below water.
Here are their actions




And in phantom invasion you can get rare toys! Phantom invasion is also easier, you just have to shoot at the right time.

There's also a new Heatwave Party.

Animal jam also says that "something awesome is coming this leap year".

Maybe the background is a hint.

And I also wanted to share this song, it's from Oliver and Company (made by Disney,) yeah I know I am going Oliver and Company crazy, but what can I say, it's a a golden movie in my eyes! And the song is really good, it tells you to hang on to your dreams, 
and never let go.


  1. Penguins rule!

  2. Oliver and Company's songs are just awesome and i really want the movie!!


  3. I like the begining music.... but when he starts singing.... i dont like it anyways, its really funny when then play underwater! they hold a deep breath then, bubble everywhere!! i call it bubble blower :D -rainbowdangerdoo


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