Monday, February 20, 2012

New items and no Rare Mondays?

In Jam mart furniture there are dinner stools!

In the flag shop there is a new flag, Morocco.
Speaking of flags...visit FlagShop's den for a surprise!

In Bahari Bargains there are Lionfish Armor, Lionfish are poisonous.
And there is no Rare Monday this Monday for some reason...

And here is a new drawing of mine!

This is the first picture with a quote in it, hope you enjoy!
And here are some fun translations from French to English for you!
Dodger chien = Dodger Dog
Oliver et compagnie = Oliver and company
Pourquoi devrais-je m'inquiéter? Pourquoi devrais-je prendre soin ...? = Why should I worry? Why should I care...?

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