Saturday, July 14, 2012


Hey Jammers, TT Coyote here! Sorry that this post is so late D:
I caught a cold last night and was resting. Well now you can get Sandals in the Summer Carnival.
And lets see what will be next to come out!
As you can see the Lightning Necklace, Sandals, 
Dreadlocks, and the Star Necklace have all come out.
Which one will come out next? Comment your thoughts below.
Well that's all for now, TT Coyote signing out!


  1. Aww, I hope you feel better soon!
    I was really worried when you didn't come on yesterday.

    I hope the spike tail armor comes on. :P

  2. Oh and, just wanted to show you.
    On ChickenSmoothie [a pet site] I named a pet after you XD

  3. the tail armor would be cool :)


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