Thursday, July 19, 2012

Foxes have arrived!

Hey Jammers, TT Coyote here! The so anticipated foxes have arrived.
Before we get to them we'll go over the new items. In Jam Mart Furniture you can get a nifty nonmember wooden Mailbox and a Jamaa Derby game machine in Sol Arcade.
In the main Summer Carnival prize tent you can get two new pages of high priced plushies.
They're still the coolest plushies I've seen though :D
(Click to enlarge pictures) I bought the Giant Sea Turtle :)
In Celebration of the new foxes there is a new Jam-A-Gram and new animated stamps!
(Click to enlarge pictures) 
Isn't the new card great? I think they got a great picture of me and Scar rowing down Coyote Gorge XD
The part of the update most of us have waited for, and antipersper- anticipated. Ant-ti-ci-pated there we go, the part of the update most of us have been anterpersp- looking forward to are the foxes!
Sadly, foxes are member only. Which I think is so unfair! Everyone should get to be a fox.
When foxes play they dig holes into surface below them, be it dirt, wood, stone, or mushrooms!
They can even dig basements...
In the Summer Carnival tons of items are on half price, and possibly on clearance!

Well that's all for now! TT Coyote signing out!


  1. I love the cute foxie artwork! :D


  2. THE FOXES ARE SO CUTE!!!!! I MUST POSSES ONE!!!!! and i need to get earning tickets!!!!

  3. When the fox says I'm diggin' i'm diggin' i'm diggin' a basement! that is so cute.


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