Thursday, July 26, 2012

Giant Fox Plushie

Hey Jammers, TT Coyote here! The Giant Fox Plushie has finally made it's appearance in the Conservation/Animal Museum.
Doesn't it look great? I might get one :D
Another fox plushie has been discovered. 
Thanks to ScarTheLion for giving me Todd the orange fox.
Hehe, Todd came just in time for the arrival of his cousin, Giant Fox Plushie. XD
Also, it was discovered that in Jam-A-Grams the Fox Statue has a name ~ Amelia.
Hmm...the Amelia Statue? Seems to fit the statue doesn't it? 
Not quite a "Shaman" name however.
Pretty interesting secret name! Not to mention, there has been a huge upheaval on old AJ Accounts.
If you search up accounts with basic names (examples: grape, book, wizard) you will find they have been deactivated. And all turned into faceless grey tigers 0.0
Well that's all for now, TT Coyote signing out!


  1. those usernames go together quite well, eh?
    and you're welcome XD

  2. Hi TT! My theory on these wierd accounts is that they are beta testers! Also, I got all the Animal Jam Graphics from Sheesh4's Animal jam Insiders blog. I put that in the info page that I recently took down >.< I'm glad to hear you like my blog! I remember when we were friends on XxFreeSpiritxX. If you don't mind me asking, why did you delete me on there?

  3. Yes, I am XxFreeSpiritxX. Sorry, I thought you knew! Since you said you have read my posts, I assumed so. No, I am not a scammer! I was in the middle of writing my 4th lessons of Jamaa post about how I scammed ONCE, and I'll finish that up later tonight! No no no! Never will I scam again, or am a scammer! I wonder where she got that information from.. I promise on my soul that I have never scammed except that one time that you'll read about later (hopefully) :)

  4. Hi! To make the 'categories' gadget you have to have all your posts labeled. Like when you're typing the post, on the right sidebar make a label. When you add a gadget in layout, scroll down on the main page to the 'Labels' one (fourth from the bottom)and then you can select which labels you want to show. Make sure to hit 'Done' when you've picked all the labels you want. I'll also make this a how-to post tomorrow if you don't understand ;)

  5. Fuzzy Shyivy's old account is one of those!


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