Wednesday, December 21, 2011

The sixth and seventh gift

The sixth gift was 350 gems.

The seventh gift is Candy cane lights!


  1. Trickertreee-

    Trickertreee, my dear friend on AJ, I am quitting. This may be my final goodbye. You can see my post for the whole deal. I am sorry. I will really miss you! You are creative and funny, and very nice. Also, you are now in charge for the squishy phantom saying, since you were the actual one to create it. Goodbye.

    -The former Octopus737 and SquishyPhantom.

  2. GOODBYE OCTO! ~Sniffs~ Please don't go! We'll all miss you!
    Your faithful friend and fellow member of the SOS (Squishy Phantoms Society),


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