Thursday, December 15, 2011

Awesome new Jamaaliday stuff!

Awesome new Jamaaliday stuff is here! And when you log in instead of the daily gem bonus you get this gift!

Which ever gift you choose you will get a snowflake rug. (Other prizes will probably be given other days)

In Jam mart there is...

In Jam mart furniture...

The new stuff in Jam mart furniture also introduces the uh...only sour note. :\

Soon AJ will start selling T-shirts!

That phantom shirt looks cool!

In the Animal Museum we have...

The trees! All those trees! 

In the Hot Coco hut/ Shiver Shoppe 

Hmm those wings from Best Dressed...

In the Chamber of Knowledge...

Pest control!

And for the new music is...

Crystal sands! I was sorta hoping for Jamaalidays music but this will do!

And in Bahari Bargains there's candy cane crowns and tiaras!

Theses crowns are also nonmember! Yippee!

In sunken treasures there are also some cool stuff!

A Dolphin submersible and a Ocean plug? Hmm how odd.

There's also a new card! Happy new year!

The card is animated with a new stamp! Awesomeness!

And after much waiting we can finally choose pet items!
First find this in the Appondale pet shop.

Click on the game icon to start!

I will be putting new AJ messages into the archive soon and a post about parties will be posted soon! 

What do you enjoy most about all this new stuff? Comment below! I love comments!


  1. There actually IS Jamallidays music being sold for 100 gems at the Play Wild parties.



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