Thursday, December 1, 2011

The Jamadays are here!

Tis a jolly day in Jamaa everyone! See all the holiday fun!

In Jam mart...

The elf hat and Jamaaliday bow! Cool!

In Jam mart furniture though...

Cool! It goes well with the monthly member gift gingerbread house!

As most everyone has suspected it's a gingerbread house! *Drover pops in* CANDY CANDY!

Yes...*pushes Drover away* In the Coco hut/Shiveer shoppe 

The snowman mask and wreath! And the wreath comes in new colors too! Woo hoo!

In the mystic shop we have...

A river race machine!

And a new music! Coral canyons!

For Sunken treasures we have...

A coral snowman and a potted coral! Cool!

We also have a new store! Epic treasures!

Hmm interesting...

There's also the new Jamaaday card!

There are also the reindeer!


That's all for now! Signing out!


  1. hey trickertree where do you buy the reindeer?

  2. Yea wht?



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