Monday, December 19, 2011

The fifth gift and a hidden music.

The fifth gift is...

Yes a snow angel! The next gifts will probably be items from the Jamaaliday Jam party.

And remember what AJ said about "Secret items"? Well here's one of them!

To find it click on the middle box with three wires coming out.
Then you can buy this music! "Winters dance"


  1. Isn't the snow awesome? I still want that candy fire...

  2. I want a fireplace, too!

    I was asking Spino11 how to do an interview or something, and she said to ask you. Is it ok if you do one with me? If you can't for some reason, it's fine. Sorry if it sounds like I'm demanding or anything!

  3. hey im new to here and my username on Animal Jam is kekoel and im a bunny and i was wondering if all you guys could be my friends. sincerily ~kekoel~

  4. and im animalwolf's sister sincerily ~kekoel~

  5. Wow, just like the "Paw Candy" in the Jamaaliday Jam!

  6. well can you guys to try to be my friend without delteting me? sincerily ~kekoel~

  7. im the bunny with the green tiara ,white glove and green tie. and i usally like to wear ties sincerily~kekoel~

  8. I have a snow angel to! i got it from a trade tho.. there so cute with bunnies sleeping on them! :) -rainbowdangerdoo


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