Thursday, December 29, 2011

The fifteenth gift!

The fifteenth gift is...

750 gems...Oh and there should have been new stuff today.

The story blog has new short stories, two new mascots, a new chapter on Trouble in Kangan Flats 
and bird chirping sounds.


  1. Sorry, I forgot to say brb on AJ. Anyways, you never write any new things on the Bolt the Wolf blog! Thats why I said "Aww."

  2. Aww sorry D:
    I just can never find the time to write something on Bolt. D:

  3. How you get a banner for your blog? I really want one on my blog. Anyway I'm sad that they didn't have a update today :( and my blogs name is Animal Jam Tornado. Click on my name or go to this link thingy


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