Wednesday, December 21, 2011

A salute to Octopus737

If you haven't already heard the sad mournful news Octopus737 is quitting :'(
Octo was a great jammer and we shall always miss her! 
Maybe the hardest part of a friendship is saying goodbye but the time has come.
We will all miss her! And we will say "Squishy phantoms" in her memory :')

See another tribute to Octo here

And please be assured Octo that you will continue to be in my stories! Farewell Octo!

And as for Ketchup the chicken wolf he will be placed in TrickertreeeStorage1

Ketchup the chicken wolf was the star of Octo's plushy blog! Read his story here!

TrickertreeeStorage1 is unlocked for all to see


  1. i was the one who thought of the SQUISHY PHANTOMZ THING -monkeydude33333

  2. No you weren't :\

    I started a poll about phantoms...
    And that's how it started...

  3. NO i maean that i started the memory thing -monkeydude


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