Thursday, January 12, 2012

Skyway in Pet shop!

There is a skyway in the pet shop! There are also Sky-ways in all the lands except Crystal sands, and there are Sky-ways in Braddy Barr's lab, The Chamber of Knowledge (First floor) and the flag shop.
There are Sky-ways in the Tree house den, and Volcano den, and possibly one in the princess den.

Here's how to do it in the Pet shop! (Paws in Claws, the tree in Appondale)

Stand about here.

Click around these food bowls.

Then quickly change your animal the same way you do in the previous post.
And click up here! And hopefully hooray! Your there! (This can take a few tries)

And don't forget the Museum of green is a Sky port for Sky way glitches!


  1. I will try the Pet Shop, how do you do the Volcano?

  2. I got the Pet Shop! :D :D :D

  3. Dear Friends,
    i have a message for you guys. i would like you guys , to buddy ColorsGalore she is really fun and nice!


  4. May I use this idea and put it on my blog?

  5. I mean for the Pet Shop's skyway glitch. I'll give credit to you and also put the steps to doing the this glitch on my blog.

  6. I've discovered the Chamber of Knowledge first floor myself! I even put instructions....


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