Tuesday, January 3, 2012

The Museum of green at rush hour!

I recently opened the Museum of green and it is a hit! 
I took some pictures of all the pure wild green fun!

Rush hour at it's peak!

What is that green glowing thing on that frog? Gasp! It's a Fuzzy!

How true!

This person did not honor green.

Should I rename to the Museum of green dreams?

Thank's to all the museum guides who helped me out!


  1. Aww, I visited, but it was not full.

  2. Tell me next time you are going to open it and i will help you out! :D

  3. I might open a museum of pink if i do can you talk about it on your blog pixiegirl86155

  4. the green museum: the story

    back when jamma was new their were these weird creatures called "jamma lephercons". they played mean pranks while trying to defend their own pot' o gems. to keep these lephercons out jammers filled their dens with their weakness: to much green! so the museum of green brings artifacts from ancient dens to put on display. now before you think jamma lephercons are gone they still roam jamma saying stuff about lucky charms and thier pot' o gems. also they still pull pranks :P.


  5. The museum of pink is open at my den and ready fir buisness! Pixiegirl86155


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