Thursday, January 19, 2012

Farms, snakes and more!

Well first of all the Sky way glitches have been fixed D:
There sure was a lot of "Dramaa in Jamaa" today about it.

Here's the new stuff for Jam mart!

The heart glasses are for Valentines day I am thinking, and I don't know about the rest though.

In Jam mart furniture...

Lots of farm stuff! Speaking of farms...

The Ol' Barn is perfect for the new horses and comes with a horse stall!
Wallpaper and floor patterns become "Westernized" in this den :D
And I think the den is actually bigger than some lands.

And the winning entry for the flag is...

The flag is called "Jamaa flag" and hats off to whoever made it!

And in Epic wonders there are clothing items for sale!
Click on the green orb on the upper level.

You can then buy these cool items!

An elusive golden glove! Cool! I think these items are too pricey though.

In the Chamber of Knowledge (Third floor)...

The return of two rare chests and a fire pit!

And the Lost Temple of Zios has journey book facts!

The prize is a Elephant throne!

There are also two new parties! (I will make posts about them later, once I attend them)

There is also the new pet! Snakes! 

And here are two silhouettes of the new animal!

I'm pretty sure they are penguins!

I will put the new Valentine Jam-A-Grams in the archive!

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