Thursday, January 5, 2012

The horses come galloping and more!

First of all there are the return of two rare items in Jam mart furniture!

Crystals and the welcome mat! And they both come in green! Stay tuned for these editions in the museum!

In Jam mart there are...

The return of the firefighter hat and...GASP the elf cuffs!

On the third floor the the Chamber of Knowledge there is...

A horse statue? It's just called "Horse statue" no shaman name?
Oh and there are no more game machines, they are all rare now.

In the Coco hut there are some cozy shoes!

In the Museum gift shop...

Horse topiary, Horse banner, and Horse giant plushy!

In the music shop there is Appondale music!

There is also a new mini game! Scooped!

In this game you play against another jammer in making the ice cream in the middle.
Use the ice cream and toppings to make the ice cream in the middle! 

In Bahari Bargains there are...

Shell armor and a shell helmet.

In Sunken treasures there are...

Armoires (A kind of cupboard I have one in my home) and a Kelp forest!

There's also a flag contest!

Wow cool! I wonder what I'll draw...

There's also a new kind of party! A New years party!

There is also a new animated card! (It will be appearing soon in the archive)

That's about all for now! Another post with a few more updates and new years party pics will be made.


  1. I have returned! Sorry I haven't been on much, I've been caught up in other things. But rest assured, I'm still here! (If you even noticed my absence and missed me, that is.)


  2. Im angry ! >:( ~animalwolf145~

  3. Tinydog98 strikes back!!! In the museum if green i said i had a museum of pink and whenit was open she called me the A word and said i should grow up from my usernameand liking PINK!!! She is so mean watch out for her your number1 fan pixiegirl86155

  4. i need membership


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