Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Fuzzy Shyivy and other things

I know I'm late with this but Fuzzy Shyivy (Vivacandy) has returned!
Her blog is Animal jam rush her new user is Cinnamoncake.

Animal jam still hasn't made the Croc statue or the Rhino movie

There is Double gems on Phantoms treasure too! If your very good at it, then you can get lots of gems!

Two new chapters on Trouble in Kangan flats
(I think you'll really like the chapter "Rodent rampage")


  1. i checked her blog, i dont belive it i think she is a fake

  2. that was posted by cadek1 the message up above

  3. Hey!!!! I just luv the aj rapids and add me!!!! I'm singingsuperstar


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