Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Mushroom Chair

Hey Jammers, TT Coyote here! Today's new mushroom item is the Mushroom Chair,
a neat little item for members. The Mushroom Table (last post) should have been for everyone in my opinion.
Still, a nice mushroom item :D
Also, here is AJHQ's latest post about settings.
New features? I wonder what else they have in store for us in the settings.
On non update related note, I almost have 200 achievements! :D
Last of all, check out the new look of the Good Times blog and the newest post here.
Well that's all for now, TT Coyote signing out!


  1. Good luck on getting that last achievement! :D


  2. I just want to say I have quit AJ. I wont say why but if anyone wants to see me I do play Minecraft and if you have a Minecraft Server or get on one frequently you can meet me there....


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