Thursday, August 30, 2012

Monkeys Only Party

Hey Jammers.
ScarTheLion, here.
As you probably have guessed by my writing here, Trickertreee has made me an author of AJ Rapids. A big thanks to TT for this XD
Well, as my first post, I shall be posting about The one, the only.... MONKEYS ONLY PARTY!
That's right, my good friends, we have our report of the monkeys only party right here.

As you can see, this is the party's icon.

Now, let us go in, shall we?

This is what you should see when you get in, pretty much.

When you go to the upper levels, you shall see a most spectacular view of the land beyond.
Don't you just love that misty look? It's quite splendid.

If you are wondering where I got that banana, which you probably are, you can click the banana shown in the picture below, and WALA! You got yourselves a nice little banana. Isn't it thoughtful of them to give us such a nice snack? I think so.

Not only do we have the banana shown in this picture, but we also have here a marvelous little shop! Simply click on that window next to the banana, and it will show what is for sale.

My, aren't they nice items? I got some of those trees myself.

Now let us see what is next...

Oh, Splendid! A Claw Machine! Everybody loves a good claw machine, eh?
I suppose you can all guess what kind of plushies are in it.
If you guessed Monkey Plushies, you are correct.

Heh heh... sorry, my monkey tends to get a little carried away sometimes. What a goofball. XD
You can find a claw machine at both of the farthest ends of this party.
Now, let us continue past the east claw machine...
Oh my, what have we here?

It's a marvelous little Music Shop!

Monkey Madness, eh? I think it is simply perfect for monkeys!

We are nearing the end of this journey, so allow me to show you one more cool thing.
Hang back and sit tight.... Hang tight and sit back, I mean.
In this calm cool place, our highest corner of the party, you can hide out in the leaves.
Perfect if you prefer to stay away from the crowds.

Well, that's all we have for today. I hope you enjoyed our little report of this new party. Quite a marvelous party, indeed.
This is ScarTheLion saying,
Happying Jamming, and play safe.

[I'm gonna have to update my signiture soon, for my coyote now wears a spike wristband instead of wrist cuffs, just so you know]


  1. Congrats on your first post on AJR Scar!


    1. Thanks! It was a pleasure.
      I sound quite British, no? XD
      BRITISH: Bright Rottweilers In Texas? I Sing Here!

  2. 7 simple letters: A W E S O M E :D
    This is a great post :D

  3. Great post scar! I'm gonna buy my monkey today :D

  4. Nice update! If I do say so myself, ScarTheLion. Btw how nice of TrickerTreee to make you an author!


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