Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Crystal Couch

Hey Jammers, TT Coyote here! 
Today's new item is the Crystal Couch, sold in the furniture orb of Epic Wonders.
Also, the Daily Explorer News Crew winner has been announced! Congrats RainbowRider!

(Click to enlarge)
Does anyone think AJ HQ should choose more than one winner for these contests? 
I mean if they received "hundreds of great entries" for the contest
I'd think they should pick more than one.
Whoever won the contest also wins this special den item. The "AJHQ Plaque" apparently.
Wow, it looks pretty cool doesn't it? I forgot to enter the contest but, there's always next time.
Well that's all for now, TT Coyote signing out!


  1. I won and I didn't get the Special Plaque.

  2. I agree. They should pick more than one winner because there are billions of people who play AJ, and there are probably thousands of other entries that are just as good. Maybe a computer sorts through all of the entries and picks one randomly? I dunno..


  3. whats the persons user? anyone know?

    1. Her user is RainbowRider and I am very, very proud to be her buddy. :D

  4. Yea! It's sorta not fair that they picked ONE person out of about 300 people......

    Puppypooch1 the crazy

  5. RainbowRider won! Congrats to her! RainbowRider won! CHA CHA CHA!


  6. great job rainbow!!!!!

  7. The AJ HQ Plaque is really an old den item. It is extremely rare and there might only be one in existence. I only know this cuz' I asked AJ and that was their answer. - chorus2010

  8. I would like to clarify on my comment above, turns out the plaque is given to jammers who win mini contests such as designing a den item. AJ gave me the wrong answer.


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