Friday, August 10, 2012

Hanging Vines

Hey Jammers, TT Coyote here! Today we have two items, 
the first one is the Hanging Vines for sale in Jam Mart Furniture. Reminds one of the Temple of Zios right?
 The second is yet another crystal item, the Crystal Table for sale in Epic Wonders.
Also on the Daily Explorer there is a post about the Golden Phantoms.
Well that's all for now, TT Coyote signing out!


  1. Hmm... Maybe the new den will be a Crystal Cavern or something! I'm just thinking. There are now 3 crystal items in Epic Wonders! Who agrees?

    1. that would be awesome!

    2. i think so too. except that they should have made all crystal items nonmember. if they were to make a crystal den, it should be nonmember too. that way you could have a den made entirely out of crystal.

  2. TT! I found out where you edited your photos!, am I right? :D I used them on all my blog photos, even my banner! Yet I'm sorta second-guessing the banner, any advice? I hope you don't mind!


  3. That's CRAZY! has the exact same photoshop services! Yes, I used photoshop some too, but iPiccy is like a whole nother dimension compared to it . It's wierd because iPiccy has the exact same effects that your photos do, try it! Thanks, I thought so too. (:


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